Cost of Dry Cleaning in Australia 2021

Cost of Dry Cleaning in Australia 2021

Dry cleaning is a quick and easy way to turn your soiled clothes into something clean and ready to wear. However, many of us have a love-hate relationship with dry cleaning. Sure, the clothes always come out looking fresh and new, but it comes at a high price. It is a significant expense for the average family, and many people are looking for ways to reduce this cost without compromising their clothing care needs. 

Occasionally, we’ll need to wear something that requires dry cleaning, like our favourite wool coat from last season or a suit for an event. We might not know how much this will cost us and often don’t prepare for it financially. 

This blog post examines the costs of dry cleaning and its benefits so you can make an informed decision about what suits your needs best. 

 What Is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning removes dirt and stains from clothing using a chemical solvent other than water. In doing the dry cleaning, the garment must first be soaked in water-free dry cleaning chemicals like tetrachloroethylene known as “perc.” This liquid is often called as such in the dry cleaning industry.

During dry cleaning, the pump sends solvent from the tank in the dry cleaning machine through a filter and into the cylinder. The filtered solvent then interacts with fabrics to remove stains before returning to the holding tank and then continues the cycle. 

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Benefits of Dry Cleaning

Gentle cleaning on fabrics

Unlike regular washers where clothes are exposed to harsh detergents and the heat of a dryer, dry cleaners use a gentler cleaning solution on the material and the environment. Traditional washing techniques often include aggressive detergent and high-heat dryers, which can cause clothing to wear out earlier than expected, especially the ones with a delicate fabric. 

Dry cleaners provide meticulous care.

Dry cleaning services take good care of your clothes by preserving their cleanliness and quality. They can adequately remove the most stubborn stains and other imperfections without compromising the condition of your clothes to keep them looking new for as long as possible. The cleaning cycle leaves clothes fresh, wrinkle-free, and ready to wear without worry when you receive them back.

Preserves the condition of the fabric

Dry cleaning is an excellent way to clean your items of clothing as it removes dirt, considerable stains, and grime more effectively than a regular machine wash. Dry cleaned clothes are more likely to last longer without fibres fraying, which will keep them in top condition for longer


Washing clothes with coloured fabric in a machine can harm them, making colour fade or shrink. Dry cleaning minimizes this risk and ensures that the garments especially those made of natural fibres will maintain their size and condition.

 Cost of Dry Cleaning

Clothing Dry Cleaning Cost

  • Business Trousers / Pants – Men / Women – From $15
  • Business Jackets – Men / Women – From $15
  • Coat / Parka /Sports Coat – From $18
  • Skirts – From $14.30
  • Business Suits – From $30.20
  • Business Shirt / Blouse – From $5.75
  • Blouses – From $10.60
  • Dresses / Casual linen dress – From $15
  • Long Evening Dress / Chiffon gown / – From $35
  • Overcoats – From $24.60

Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Cost

 The average cost for cleaning a wedding dress cleaning vary between $150 and $200. The price for a wedding dress dry-cleaning will depend on the intricacy of the gown or how many layers it has. If you dry clean your wedding gown through a high-end cleaner, the cost is around $100. Special treatment requests will affect the final price, though. Dirt and grass stains are often covered in the base dry-cleaning price. An additional fee of $15-20 will be charged for the process of taking out oils. However, weddings dresses made of lace or heavy beading can cost around $500.

 Bedding & Household Items dry cleaning Cost

  • Doonas – From $39
  • Blankets – From $20.30
  • Bedspreads / Bed sheet / Flat sheet / Fitted sheet- From $23.20
  • Underlay – From $18
  • Table Clothes – From $13.70
  • Curtains – From $16.80 per drop

Factors that Can Affect the Cost of Dry Cleaning

Overhead expense

One of the main drivers of how much you pay for dry-cleaning is the cost to operate a business. The operating costs play an essential part in what consumers end up paying. It includes the chemicals, rent and licenses, wages to employees and more. 

Type of Solutions Used

In the past, dry cleaners relied on harmful chemicals and solvents. Nowadays, some are using environmentally-friendly products while others have been mandated to transition by the government.

It can be expensive to use organic solvents or eco-friendly dry cleaning products, but protecting your clothes and the environment may make it worth the cost.

Type of Service

Dry cleaners offer a variety of services that are perfect for any occasion. Dry cleaners can be a lifesaver, but the express service is just for those in an absolute rush. Most dry cleaners can have your garments ready in a day; however, convenience comes with extra costs. Express services are three times the cost of a regular service.

In addition to the standard dry-cleaning process that’s familiar to most customers, there are also various premium services offered. These ranges from a multi-stage cleaning method and hand finishing, which includes minor repairs and clothing alterations like tears or hem adjustments and insurance for more important garments.

While having your wedding dress, tuxedo, or designer clothes professionally cleaned may seem like the right choice; these premium services come with a hefty price tag.

How Long Does Dry Cleaning Take?

Keep in mind the duration that a fabric item needs when taken through a dry cleaning procedure. The amount of time required for different types of material can vary greatly. However, most dry cleaners give a turnaround time of 3 days. However, some would take a week, especially for thicker and bigger garments. For express service, it could be delivered the same day if you’re in a rush. Of course, these turnaround times vary depending on how soiled the piece of clothing is. It also depends if they clean it in-house or they take it to a cleaning facility.

Is It Safe for My Clothes?

It is safe for your clothes, especially in a delicate dress. Dry cleaning service preserves your clothes by removing dirt, odours and stains. This process also prevents your delicate clothes from shrinking or stretching, making them last longer than a basic wash at home. Moreover, by looking at the care label, you would know if a particular garment needs to be dry-cleaned or not.

Final Thoughts

You’re probably not surprised to hear that dry cleaning expenses are high in Australian Cities, especially in the capital city. As you can see, many factors go into determining this figure. It usually varies depending on the size and type of garment you are looking to clean and the region or city where you live.

Sometimes, it can be hard to know when you should bring your clothes to the dry cleaner’s. With so many ways for people to get their clothes clean these days, from laundromats, wash & fold services, and self-service machines at the supermarket or mall, to drop off services with free pick up and delivery, there are plenty of options out there. However, if you’re looking for a reasonably priced dry-cleaning in Australia, then we can help. We offer a service that is both fast and affordable. With our innovative approach to laundry services and first-class stain removal services, there’s no need to go anywhere else! Get your clothes back on time with Ad Astra Dry Cleaners. You may get in touch with us at 08 9381 6688.