Is Dry Cleaning Better than Washing

is dry cleaning better than washing

Is Dry Cleaning Better than Washing

Do you ever feel like your clothes are never really clean, no matter how many times you wash them? Well, it turns out that you might be better off taking them to a dry cleaner. Contrary to popular belief, dry cleaning services are far more effective at removing dirt and stains than washing. So, if you want your clothes to look their best, you should skip the washing machine and head to the dry cleaner instead.

Dry cleaning is often touted as a better way to clean your clothes than regular washing, but how much truth is there to this claim? If you’re interested in learning more about the dry cleaning process and its benefits versus the drawbacks of traditional washing, read on! 

What Is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a process that uses solvents rather than water and detergent soap to clean clothes and fabrics. Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning clothes with a solvent called perchloroethylene. It is also known as “perc” in the clothing cleaning industry. 

Dry cleaning is the best way to keep your bedding and pieces of clothing in pristine condition. The fabric is not soaked in chemicals like laundry detergent and bleach, which may damage the fabric.

Check the care label instructions to determine if the type of fabric should be dry cleaned, but they aren’t always clear. The label should say “dry clean only”; if it merely says “dry clean,” then the dry cleaning method may not be the only option. Taffeta, cashmere wool, rayon, silk, leather, velvet, and suede clothes should be dry-cleaned by experts unless the care label guidelines specify otherwise. 

Main Benefits of Dry Cleaning

Are you curious about the benefits of the dry cleaning process? Here are five reasons why it’s an excellent option for keeping your clothes and fabric items looking fresh and new.

  1. Preserves clothes: Dry cleaning is more effective than regular washing at getting rid of dirt and stains, so your clothes will look their best.
  2. Gentle on fabric: The dry cleaning chemicals used are gentle on fabric, meaning they’re less likely to damage delicate clothes. The solvents used in dry cleaning break down the dirt and grease on clothes without saturating them with water and detergent soap. It helps reduce the amount of wear and tear on clothes and helps prevent shrinkage.
  3. Clean large fabric items: Dry cleaners clean items like curtains, area rugs, slipcovers, bed sheets, and oversized comforters that are too large to be cleaned at home.
  4. Can remove odour: Dry cleaning can help remove unpleasant odours from clothes, leaving them smelling fresh and clean. Home treatments may be used to treat different types of stains, but they might also cause damage to clothing in the process. It’s a good idea to entrust your clothing pieces to a professional dry cleaner who can effectively remove clinging odours.
  5. Convenient: In today’s fast-paced society, you can have your clothes collected and delivered back to you without having to leave home.

So, if you’re looking for a quick, easy, and affordable way to keep your clothes looking their best, dry cleaning is the solution for you. 

Is Dry Cleaning Better for Your Clothes than A Washing Machine?

Laundering and dry cleaning are two very different processes for cleaning clothes and other fabric items. The traditional laundering method is where the item is immersed in soapy water or laundry detergent and washed in a normal washing machine at home. On the other hand, dry cleaning doesn’t require any water and is a more thorough method of cleaning clothes than washing. Although dry cleaning and machine washing have their benefits, dry cleaning is generally the preferred care method for delicate garments compared to traditional washing in a machine.

Conventional washing of your clothes can damage them. Have you ever noticed that your clothes don’t look nearly as good once they’ve been washed, compared to when they’re brand new? It is because detergents are abrasive on your clothing items, causing the colour to fade and the item to lose its shape.

The chemical solvent used in the dry cleaning process dissolves food stains, chemical stains, and oil-based stains before they become permanent on fabric, whereas soapy water pushes dirt around your clothes until it comes off with the next wash. Dry cleaning is also a gentler process than washing, meaning it’s less likely to damage delicate fabrics.

If you want to keep your clothes looking great for longer, dry cleaning is the way to go. Dry-cleaned garments are less likely to shrink or develop wrinkles than those that are washed and need ironing afterwards.  

Does Dry Cleaning Damage Clothes?

Dry cleaning should not damage your clothes, provided you take them to a reputable dry cleaning specialist. At the very least, they will likely remove any stubborn stains without damaging the fabric. Some experts believe that dry cleaning preserves the appearance of clothes better than standard washing. The solvent used in dry cleaning machines is lighter than water and thus can permeate clothes more gently. So if you’re looking for optimal care of your clothes, consider taking them to a dry cleaner. 

Final Thoughts 

We hope this blog post has helped you understand why dry cleaning is better than wet cleaning, and we encourage you to contact Ad Astra Dry Cleaning today. Our staff are ready to answer any questions or concerns regarding our services. Call us at 0893816688 and talk with one of our friendly representatives who can take care of all your professional service needs. For those looking for a better way to clean their clothes, you may be surprised at how effective dry cleaning can be. Please give it some thought and let us know what you decide!