Vacuum Seal Clothing

Vacuum Seal Clothing Storage Perth

Free up some space and protect your clothes and linen from insects, dirt, mildew and odours with our new vacuum seal clothing storage solution.

At Ad Astra Dry Cleaning, we know how to vacuum seal clothes the right way. We are also able to clean your bedding and then vacuum seal it for you to store until next season. Once the bag is opened, all items return to their original shape and size as if they were untouched. After all, there’s no need to dedicate space to items you’ll only be using in a season or two from now.

Ask our friendly counter staff how we can help you protect your valuable bedding and garments and save on space (and money) in your home, or if you have any questions about storing baby clothes in vacuum sealed bags, do not hesitate to ask us.

Vacuum Seal Clothing Storage Perth

Do Vacuum Storage Bags Ruin Clothes?

The average wedding preservation kit is a significant expense. One of the best things you can do to help your dress last for years and look as good on that special day, right up until it’s time to pass it down so someone else gets their perfect moment in this gorgeous gown, is by using an affordable option like our Wedding Dress Preservation Kit!

the average wedding preservation kit costs $250 to $750.

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There’s a reason why we’ve been Perth’s best dry cleaner for over 70 years. It would be because of how much our cleaners care! Our team of passionate, committed professionals are dedicated to providing you with the cleanest clothes around. To get started today just click on the button below and request your quote now!
Why Choose Ad Astra Dry Cleaners

Why Choose Ad Astra As Your Perth Dry Cleaners

You’ve got a big event coming up, and you need to look your best.

We know how important it is to have clean business shirts, wedding dress, or that leather jacket for that special occasion. That’s why we offer the best dry cleaning service in Perth, WA. Our team of experts will make sure your clothes are spotless and ready for that big day.

Don’t let stains or wrinkles ruin your outfit! Instead, bring them in today so our team can get those pesky marks out before they become permanent fixtures on your favourite shirt or dress. We also offer pick-up and delivery services, so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home!

We offer a second-to-none service. At Ad Astra Dry Cleaners Perth, we pride ourselves on the quality of our dry cleaning services and take great care to ensure each piece of clothing meets or exceeds your expectations. We are confident you will be thrilled with how clean and fresh clothes feel after leaving us!

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Do you have a stain that won’t come out of your favourite shirt? Or maybe some pet hair has accumulated on an expensive suit. Whatever the case may be, our team at Ad Astra Dry Cleaning is here to help!

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