Home Delivery Service

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Home Pick Up & Delivery Service

Whether you are a busy working professional, a senior citizen, or simply have better things to do with your time than cart your laundry to and from the dry cleaners, we have a solution for you: dry cleaning pick-up and delivery.

Ad Astra Wet & Dry Cleaning offers a reliable pick-up laundry service in Perth’s Inner City & western Suburbs as well as a home delivery laundry service, taking the hassle out of having to visit your closest Ad Astra location.

Door-to-Door Dry Cleaning

Our convenient door-to-door laundry service in Perth* is designed to simplify your life and take the hassle out of laundry day. Forgo the hassle of getting out of your pyjamas and buckling the kids in the car – let our friendly drivers pick-up and drop off your laundry for you.

All you have to do is have your laundry ready for one of our drivers to collect and we’ll take care of the rest. We guarantee that our home pick-up laundry service is fast, friendly and efficient.

Best of all, our dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service is free – it costs no more than the normal cost of your dry cleaning.

Home Pickup For Other Laundry Services

Ad Astra also offers more than just a pick-up and delivery dry cleaning service; we also provide home pick-up laundry service for our:

  • Wash, dry and fold service;
  • Bed linen, bedding and doona dry cleaning service; and
  • Alterations

For our alterations home pick-up service, we can only do pick-ups if a fitting has been done at our West Leederville store. This is to ensure that one of our trained professionals has fitted you correctly and your altered garment can be returned to you with the perfect fit.

Pick Up and Delivery Process

Laundry day has never been easier – simply fill in our online form to request a pick-up, get your laundry ready and voilà!

Step 1: Fill-Out Application

To book in your dry cleaning pickup and delivery, we will need you to fill out our online form to request the service, available here on our website or phone 0415 372 889 to have our driver drop off a form and discuss the arrangements with you.

Step 2: Garment Pick-up, Payment & Delivery

Once we have received your online form, we will contact you to make arrangements for the delivery days for your area.

Before we deliver your items back to you, payment will need to be made to Ad Astra Drycleaning by credit or debit card.

You don’t even need to be home for your delivery, arrangements can be made to leave dry cleaning in a safe and secure area, including behind secure gates. Please discuss this with us prior to your delivery.

Step 3: Love Our Pick-Up Service? Make it Recurring!

We hope that you love our service at Ad Astra and welcome reoccurring dry cleaning pick-up and delivery.

Once your house has been added to our delivery driver’s route, our driver goes past to check if you have left your garments out for dry cleaning on every route day. If they have been left out, the driver can collect your garments and take them for dry cleaning, if not, the driver will move on to the next pick-up.

For example, if you had four shirts to pick-up, we would pick-up on Monday, and then deliver them back to you on Thursday. If there were anything to pick-up on Thursday, we would pick-up to then return to you on Monday before repeating the cycle again!

Use Our Reusable Dry Cleaning Bags

Like the major retailers and supermarkets, we are aiming to phase out single use plastic bags to do our part for the environment.

But never fear! We offer some great reusable dry cleaning bags to pack, transport and deliver your clothes, bedding and special garments in.

Trust Ad Astra Wet & Dry Cleaning

For dry cleaning pick-up and delivery at no extra cost to you, you can’t go past Ad Astra Wet & Drycleaning – the leaders in Perth dry cleaning.

Laundry doesn’t have to be a chore, just contact Ad Astra Drycleaning today to organise your home pick-up laundry service today!