Clothing Repairs and Alterations

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Whether it is just a simple hem to be taken up or a complex refit, our seamstress can help you out.

Whether it is just a simple hem to be taken up or a complex refit, we’re equipped and prepared to deal with your clothing alterations and repairs.

If all that hard work at the gym is paying off, there’s no need for a whole new wardrobe.

Or maybe you have found something online that didn’t quite fit as well as you’d like, but you still love the look of the garment.

Whether it’s frayed hems, torn seams, broken zips, too-long sleeves or just plain loved-to-death, we can mend your treasured garments or get them fitting just right.

Ad Astra Drycleaning offers top quality clothing repairs and alterations. Our Floreat and West Leederville location houses our experienced and talented repair and alteration staff.

Clothing Repairs

We understand that life happens and sometimes, that results in broken zips or loose hems; whether you’re dancing or rushing to that meeting, many zips have been split and many seams have been torn.

There’s no need to let a rip, tear or break ruin a garment – just call Ad Astra Drycleaning for patches, zip and hem repairs.

Zip Repairs

Zippers are great inventions, designed to help us get in and out of clothes in a flash. However, they can also cause us panic when the slider breaks or jams on that favourite dress or pair of pants, usually just before that big meeting or event. We are able to get all zips including invisible zips looking like new again and repair any damage to the garment that may have occurred.

At Ad Astra Drycleaning, we repair and replace zips on dresses, jackets, pants and more, helping you to get on with your day without the stress.

Hem Repairs

Over time, your favourite garments may need a little TLC, especially if you’re the type to pull at loose cotton threads!

We can repair loose hems to make them good as new, or we can extend them to give you a little extra length.


If you’ve torn a hole in your pants with a less than graceful trip on the sidewalk or by squeezing into some clothes that are on the smaller side, our team can repair the tear with a patch to get you on your way again.

Clothing Alterations

People come in all different shapes and sizes and it isn’t unusual for that recently bought formal gown or dinner suit to be just a little ill fitting, especially when the products have been purchased online.

Alterations are also a lifesaver to those who have lost weight or need a little extra room or length in their outfit.

At Ad Astra Drycleaning, we can lengthen, shorten, take in, let out and resize your clothes to suit your body shape and size.

Wedding Dress Alterations

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable, special days of your life, so it is important that you trust items such as your wedding dress with only the most experienced, knowledgeable company.

Ad Astra Drycleaning specialise in clothing alterations in Perth, with years of experience behind our team that will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

In addition, our prices are competitive and often much cheaper than wedding dress shops offering clothing alterations in Perth.

Formal & Corporate Wear

First impressions matter, but it is hard to make the ideal first impression in an ill-fitting suit or corporate outfit. Shortening or lengthening a hem can make all the difference to how a suit appears on you!

Before you head to that all important meeting or event, make sure you stop in at Ad Astra to have your suit pants or jacket, blazer, shirt or outfit altered by our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable team.

Alterations & Repairs on Silk

While we admit that some repairs can be undertaken DIY with the knowhow and right tools, there are some fabrics that can only be successfully repaired by someone with extensive knowledge and care.

Silk is incredible delicate, which means any repairs should be undertaken by a qualified dressmaker, such as Ad Astra Drycleaning .

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