Stain Removal Services

Family Friendly Laundry Service - Ad Astra Wet & Dry Cleaning Perth

At Ad Astra Wet & Dry Cleaning in Perth, we understand that trying to banish those stubborn stains from your clothes by yourself can be a tough job. And if you’re a parent, you’re probably all too familiar with such messy situations.

So if you’re in need of a service that offers professional stain removal for your clothes; whether you’re searching for dry cleaners that can get ink stains out, or have recently done some DIY around the house and need the help of dry cleaners that can get paint stains out, we’ve got you covered.

Perhaps you’ve spilled red wine on your favourite article of clothing and are looking for dry cleaners that can get wine stains out?

Don’t worry, many of us have found ourselves in the same situation. You may have been working on your car, got covered in stains and are wondering if dry cleaners can get oil stains out or if dry cleaners can get grease stains out?

However messy the mark or spot left behind by a substance, we’ll do our best to find a suitable stain removal solution.

As stain removal experts with nearly 70 years’ experience in the dry cleaning industry, rest assured our stain removal service is unrivaled.

Contact Ad Astra Dry Cleaning today to find out how we can help you your stain removal.